Sponsability makes it easy to create and manage relationships with your sponsors. We also love dreaming up other ways to supplement your fundraising efforts. Creating community events are sure to rally those around your organization and assist in reaching your goals.

Here is a list of some of our favorite donation and service based fundraising ideas to help reach your funding goals.

  1. Facemask/Team Merchandise Fundraising

Facemasks have become an everyday part of our lives. Selling facemasks along with other team merchandise (such as t-shirts, sweaters, keychains, or stickers) is a great way to raise money and market your organization. This type of sales based fundraising can easily be managed and tracked on the Sponsability platform!

  1. Host a Bake Sale

Whether you’re selling store bought baked goods or homemade, a bake sale is a great fundraising avenue for family and community involvement. There are many ways to spin a cook-off or bake sale fundraiser. Your team can organize this type of fundraiser as a competition or showcase. A bake sale provides funding raised through sales or buy-in fee to support your organization. Whichever way you choose, it’s a sweet option. 

  1. Host a “How-To” Clinic 

Let your team show their team spirit by teaching others the joy in their particular area of interest. Host a clinic with an admission fee to learn more about your skill or sport. This is especially fun for families and surrounding community members who get to learn the ins & outs of what they’re helping to support. Deeper understanding brings deeper engagement; it is a win-win for everyone involved. 

  1. Walk-a-thon Fundraiser

In this challenge based fundraising method, members of your organization acquire sponsorships for miles walked or steps-per-day goals achieved. We love this approach to fundraising because participants tend to really lean into the challenge to show their pride for your organization. 

  1. Car or Dog Wash Fundraiser

Isn’t it wonderful when someone washes your car or dog for you?! You’re alleviating the donor of one of their chores AND raising money for a cause they care about (and it’s one of the more fun options for the participating fundraisers; bring on the puppies). This type of fundraiser can last one to three days depending on your organization’s goals and time restraints. 

  1. Coach “Punishment” Fundraiser

In this cheeky way of raising money, each monetary milestone that is met is equivalent to a fun prank at the coach’s expense. The options in this fundraiser are endless fun. Some prank ideas to get you started: showing a baby photo of your coach, utilizing a dunk tank, or getting a crazy hair color when certain funding goals have been reached. Of course, we encourage you to find your coach with the best sense of humor to participate in this outrageous type of fundraiser. 

  1. Shoe Donation Drive Fundraiser

We love a donation based fundraiser. The shoe donation fundraisers often operate with outside organizations that offer teams, nonprofits, and schools money per pound of donated shoes. The added benefit of utilizing a fundraiser like this is while the donated items are gifted to those in need, the fundraising organization achieves their goal. 

  1. Yard Sale Fundraiser

People love the thrill of finding treasure at a yard sale, so a yard sale fundraiser practically advertises itself. In this donation based option, the fundraiser participants often organize a drop-off spot for donated items. Having a donation based fundraiser such as this means that very little cost is required to orchestrate this event. Your organization only needs to acquire donations, create signage, and commit some of their free time. 

  1. Restaurant Community Dinner

Partner with a local restaurant in your area to raise money! The partner restaurant hosts a social event on behalf of your organization and donates a percentage of the profit back to your team. This type of fundraiser is advantageous for both the restaurant and your organization or team. The restaurant showcases their food, service, and charitable values while your organization receives community support (and a fun evening out).

  1. Auction of Donated Items and Services 

A silent auction is a great way to encourage engagement from community members, businesses, and the families of your fundraiser participants. It’s also a great reason to get dressed up for the evening and support a good cause. Offering donated items and services not only allows people to market their business or products but also creates unexpected networking opportunities for all parties involved. 

Whichever fundraising avenue you choose, the goal is the same, so be as creative as you like to make it fun for donors and participants. We can’t wait to hear which way you found support for your organization and we hope that we can help!