Online fundraising means community safety in more ways than one!  

Schools, teams, and organizations are under much pressure during the pandemic to keep their members virus free, and Sponsability allows community organizers and school faculty to know with absolute certainty that their members will remain safe. With Sponsability’s online fundraising database, members are able to engage in contactless communication with donors to reach their fundraising goals to better support their group, sports team, or organization. Removing the need for door-to-door promotion of their cause keeps your community Covid-19 free.

Did you know that 54% of donors prefer to donate online? Communities are buzzing about how Sponsability extends the reach of their fundraising capabilities beyond the reach of local neighborhoods to a national audience. When fundraisers bypass these geographical limitations, the potential for online pledges is exponentially increased. Larger pools of donors means that your fundraisers achieve their goals more quickly and efficiently. With people across the nation looking to support others by way of donations, why not capitalize on the new available market? 

Perhaps the biggest perk for schools, students, teams, and organizations who use Sponsability is the ease with which funds are collected and tracked. The Sponsability database records all donations for easy, real-time reference. Using Sponsability saves massive amounts of time and resources by cutting out the need for manual data entry. The streamlined donor experience online encourages more giving in a way that is effortlessly accessible. The Sponsability platform also promotes a sense of transparency between your fundraising efforts and the donors. Donors will be able to see exactly what their donation is purchasing and supporting for the donation recipients.

Sponsability is proud to offer these benefits to the fundraising community. We believe that it is of the utmost importance to support programs that encourage growth, joy, and community engagement. Whether you’re part of a school, organization, or team, we hope that Sponsability can empower your community with simple and effective fundraising.