Sponsability is the ultimate platform for fundraiser management. It offers an unparalleled database to track sponsors, donors, product purchasers, and fundraiser student participants. You are able to easily obtain or distribute information via text or email through the messaging feature. This one-stop solution makes it effortless to hand off the fundraising operation to the incoming club president, head coach, advisor, or new administrator without any confusion.

We keep you organized with time-saving administrative and automation tools that allow you to import data from legacy systems, spreadsheets, and documents into an intuitive, structured dashboard. With our complete financial reporting you get real time reporting on funds generated, student participation, donor giving, etc. This all-in-one tool will ensure that no piece of the fundraising process will be forgotten.

Our aim is to make managing fundraising projects, small or large, an easy task. Record and track donations, sponsorships, and group sales with a bird’s eye view of your entire fundraising efforts – across students, sponsors, patrons, and more. Quickly scan and evaluate fundraising progress across the entire school, with the ability to drill down for unparalleled insights into individual organization, team, and club activities.

With all the extra time in your schedule not being spent on organizing and managing your project, you can focus on growing your current and future fundraising endeavors. We make it easy to maintain and continually expand your roster of sponsors, community partners, and donors through coordinated, multichannel communication and engagement tools. Easily approve applications for new fundraisers, compare financial reports and revenue, and boost your overall fundraising success.

Everything that you need for successful fundraising is here. Sponsability provides unlimited potential at your fingertips to accomplish your fundraising goals with ease. Let us know how we can help kickstart your next fundraising effort.