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Sponsability makes it easy to create and manage relationships with your sponsors. We also love dreaming up other ways to supplement your fundraising efforts. Creating community events are sure to rally those around your organization and assist in reaching your goals. Here is a list of some of our favorite donation and service based fundraising ideas to help reach your funding goals. Facemask/Team Merchandise Fundraising Facemasks have become an everyday part of our lives. Selling facemasks along with other team

Online fundraising means community safety in more ways than one!   Schools, teams, and organizations are under much pressure during the pandemic to keep their members virus free, and Sponsability allows community organizers and school faculty to know with absolute certainty that their members will remain safe. With Sponsability‚Äôs online fundraising database, members are able to engage in contactless communication with donors to reach their fundraising goals to better support their group, sports team, or organization. Removing the need for door-to-door

When your business donates to fundraising causes in your community, the benefits are innumerable. The support is valuable to the recipient, your business, and the surrounding community in efforts to affect real, positive change.  This change begins with the donation recipient and extends beyond your own business to the surrounding community. Growing the vision of your business to support a cause outside of your own profits demonstrates your community-centric values. When businesses donate to teams, schools, and organizations in need,

Sponsability is the ultimate platform for fundraiser management. It offers an unparalleled database to track sponsors, donors, product purchasers, and fundraiser student participants. You are able to easily obtain or distribute information via text or email through the messaging feature. This one-stop solution makes it effortless to hand off the fundraising operation to the incoming club president, head coach, advisor, or new administrator without any confusion. We keep you organized with time-saving administrative and automation tools that allow you to