When your business donates to fundraising causes in your community, the benefits are innumerable. The support is valuable to the recipient, your business, and the surrounding community in efforts to affect real, positive change. 

This change begins with the donation recipient and extends beyond your own business to the surrounding community. Growing the vision of your business to support a cause outside of your own profits demonstrates your community-centric values. When businesses donate to teams, schools, and organizations in need, it results in a community culture that is mutually beneficial. Customers are also more likely to support a business that supports charitable causes. It’s a reciprocal cycle of giving and support which offers a tremendously wonderful impact on your business perception and engagement from the community. 

Donations to fundraisers don’t take away from your profits as much as one might expect. Most businesses are able to utilize the donations as tax write-offs, and benefit greatly from the free advertising from banners, programs, and announcements. It’s an advantageous relationship of brand awareness for both the organization and the donor business. The positive ripple effect of donations doesn’t stop there. Business owners that strive to support the community and organizations within it are met with enthusiasm from their employees who generally exhibit eagerness to participate in the giving process also. 

An added bonus to donating is the networking opportunities with other like-minded businesses within the community. Showing that your company is open to support and collaboration opens doors with other businesses wishing to do the same. This could mean reaching out to previously untapped audiences or circumstances. You can strategically choose to target customers in your niche by carefully selecting a charity that will put you in touch with your desired community, all while doing good for the people in need within your community. 

You are able to establish emotional connections and a cycle of giving when you participate in fundraising. Show your community pride by donating to organizations, teams, and schools to boost programs that will make a difference. All with the ease of online donation which provides the ability to support worthy causes in a few simple clicks. 

Sponsability’s goal is to keep the momentum of this tremendous movement in the online fundraising community. Opportunities to donate are also opportunities to lead by example. When others see how easy it is to make an impact, they often follow in suit. Don’t you want to cause this type of positive change?

Every little bit helps.